1. Grace Culley, The Gate, carbon fibre on steel, dimensions variable. 2023.
  2. Lottery Girls, Rosie, recorded on cassette and 1/4″ tape, between December 2022 and February 2023.
  3. Grace Culley, Golden Brown, fibreglass on rusted steel. 8 panels, each 174 x 61cm. 2023
  4. Grace Culley, E, airbrush on canvas, steel frame. 173 x 161cm. 2023
  5. Grace Culley, Fallen from Grace, biro pen on cotton rag, 194 x 98cm. 2023
  6. Grace Culley, you know you love me, newspaper pulp on steel frame, padlocks. 210 x 170cm. 2023

Grace Culley’s practice spans the mediums of biro pen drawing, assemblage and painting, using repeated actions and imagery constructed from patterns to examine the precarious thresholds between overt and covert behaviour. The resulting labour-intensive and intricate artworks highlight ruptures in control, which stems from her experience of Tourette’s Syndrome.

Nicholas Tsekouras (he/they) is an emerging, queer and multidisciplinary artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne). In 2020, they completed a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) and Law degrees from Australian Catholic University. Tsekouras has been working as an artist for over six years and is the current recipient of the Artist in Residence Grant Program at Yarra Youth Services. They’re also a workshop facilitator and thoroughly enjoy teaching new skills and encouraging creativity.