POWA WAVE, by Hannah Brontë
  1. Hannah Brontë, POWA WAVE, 2021, 5 minutes and 49 seconds
  2. WEST SPACE WINDOW: Olga Svyatova, Они/They, eight inkjet prints on paper, 1962 – ongoing, sizes variable

There are now 2.7 million surfers nationally and yet being a Queer surfer is still considered dangerous and taboo. Being a woman in the surf, let alone a Queer woman, takes a sport so freeing and transcendent and makes it a radical act of defiance. POWA WAVE is a Queer romance that follows two lovers in the waves. They joyfully and powerfully walk on water, connected to each other and the ocean. Water supports them completely, letting the be weightless and held in their love and wild queer joy. The lovers wear sweet suits, costumes that adorn Queer bodies to make the world gentler. The sweet suits are love letters to the camp history of wearable art art and are decorated with the incantation ‘me and my love are safe in the waves’. POWA WAVE is the freedom to repaint the world with the beauty and complexity of people in love. You are close enough to smell the salt.

– Hannah Brontë



Они/They is an ongoing project exploring the many connections between time, relationships and images. The subjects of these photographs are both my blood family, based in Russia and my chosen family and friends in so-called ‘Australia’. The story starts with the relationship between an early photograph of my aunt, taken during her family’s  annual summer trip to Makhachkala (Republic of Dagestan) in 1962, and a recent sending-off party that I hosted before a trip to my motherland in 2022 after a long period of not being able to visit  family. It was during that trip that, looking through family albums, I noticed a strange similarity between the photographs which were taken before my birth and the photographs I had taken myself decades later. Moments of celebration, portraits, and silly times, being completely accidental and so unstaged, these photographs open up questions of connection, exploring the intricacies of relationships across  time and space. Both are never ending cycles that change, they ebb and flow and help shape who we are.

This exhibition is generously supported by the City of Yarra through their Annual Arts Grants.

Hannah Brontë (b. 1991 Brisbane, Queensland) is an artist living and working on Yugambeh country, whose body of work explores the feminine experience, and its intersections with queerness, spirituality and motherhood journeys. She makes video, textiles, texts and soundscapes that present speculative dreamscapes and alternate universes through her own distinctive kaleidoscopic lens. Brontë has collaborated with spiritual and physical healers and is interested in appplying these practices within art-making to expand connection and community. Brontë is also an established DJ, a trainee birthing doula and the Creatrix of Fempress – an ongoing series of immersive dance experiences that use the magic of the club to collectively imagine futures together.

Through a multidisciplinary practice spanning photography, printmaking, and textile, Olga Svyatova deconstructs and examines memory, intimacy, and connection. They appropriate their own personal history as a means by which to compel viewers to reflect on the connections that sustain our lives. Born and raised in Russia, and now based on Gadigal Land (Sydney), Svyatova’s experience of cultural, geographic, and personal relocation drives their practice. They have held solo exhibitions at Our Neon Foe (Sydney) and Tiles Lewisham (Sydney), and been involved in multiple group exhibitions at Pari ARI, Kudos, Hidden Rookwood, and Hazelhurst Gallery.